Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #175 ~NEW "MORNING"

It's 5 am.
I stand holding
a hot mug of coffee,
steam rising into the air.

Where I stand on the back deck,
I can look out and see
the purple-orange haze of the sun
on the horizon.

A slight fog is beginning to lift,
slowly into the air.
It's thickness now evaporating.

A wet dew covers the grass,
bushes,and leaves.
It is extremely still and silent,
almost eerie.
I listen and focus intensely
for the slightest sound.
The bark of a dog
or song of a bird.
But there is nothing.

My mind wanders,
as thoughts begin to rush
into my mind and
I become engulfed in my surroundings.

As the moments pass
I notice suddenly in the distance
a loud siren roaring down the street,
the honking of car horns,
the laughter of children as they walk to the bus,
the garbage truck crushing machine compacting trash
and the sound of lawnmowers
and leaf blowers from the house
diagonally across the street.

A new day has begun.


  1. This brought all of my senses to life...wonderful!

  2. That moment before the human day begins is magical.
    You expressed it excellently.

  3. your skills are new to me and i find them really appealing :)

    well done on the prompt :)
    Tale from the NEW side

  4. life in the neighborhood. some people make it sound disgusting, you make it a poem. nice writing. pleasing and easy to read.

  5. Enjoyed this - I could almost smell the coffee :)

  6. Beauty is deafening. When you are immersed in that moment of enjoying Nature and her beauty. I like how real life crept in at then end of your piece. Beautiful writing!