Monday, October 26, 2009

Random@ 11:21 on a Monday Night

Well, I find myself here at the computer, wanting to go to sleep. But at the same time, not, because I feel the need to write. To write something worth reading? Perhaps. I have been slacking. BIGTIME! I wanted to start this new blog off with keeping up with Sunday Scribblings, and I haven't. I would really love to know how everyone finds the time in their lives to blog. Me, personally, I feel overwhelmed. By life and time.

There is an honesty streak in me. I feel trapped right now. Going in the wrong direction and taking every path but the one I choose, based on everyone else's decisions but my own. Funny, as I look back not much has changed but in the same moment, a lot has also.

We have drama going on in our family at the moment. A close relative passed and we still manage to have drama. So sad in my eyes. Then there is my cousin, who took his own life last april before his 27th birthday and there is still dram surrounding him; between parents who can't seem to stop blaming one another.

"I know Chase", I get it, enough all ready. I wish I could get through to someone for you and make them realize, that this is part of the reason, you are not with us today.

Anyhow, Sunday is the day where I will actually spend time writing a bit each night, National Novel Writing Mont "BEGINS", I am so excited I cannot wait.

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