Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday Scribblings #257~Manifesto

2011 Manifesto

I know I want 2011 to be VERY different from 2010.

This year there will be NO EXCUSES allowed.

I will get out of debt completely.
I will continue to be healthier than I have ever been before.
I will make excellent food choices. I will juice consistantly.
I will better take care of me all the way around.
I will revamp this blog. I will document more of my year here too.
I will take more pictures.
I will read more books in 2011 than I did in 2010 and write reviews of them.
I will do more of the things I love.
I will by the end of 2011 be solid in my new career.
I will look at purchasing my first home.
I will open my heart and mind to whatever possibilites come my way.
I will give more of myself to those who need me.
I will do more to help the less fortunate.
I will continue to learn, grow and live in the moment.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Scribblings~#243 Antidote

It's early a.m.
Having to drag myself
out of the bed unwillingly,
I shower, and
get dressed quickly.

Then I head down the street
to the local coffee joint.

My day cannot be start

without a cup of Joe!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Scribblings~#240 Friction

Do not know why, but the first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt, was Oprah show where Gayle and Oprah took their latest trip together and went camping.

The word camping has so many different elements that remind me of friction.

Trying to start a fire from scratch by rubbing sticks together through the use of friction, in hopes that a spark will manifest itself and voila, fire.

I went camping when I was younger with my seventh grade class and I remember the friction that started between people when we tried to put our tents up. The seasoned campers became utterly frustrated that the rookies couldn't seem to get the concept enough to get the tent in standing position and well it took longer than it was suppose to.

Storage of food always seemed to set off friction as well. One incident that I remember vividly was a girl who was in a tent next to us would eat candy bars late in the night and would not finish them. Instead of wrapping them up and sealing them in a bag, she always managed to leave them on the floor of her tent. We woke up one morning to three tents in a row full of ants because of her carelessness.

The loud playing of music, fighting over the showers and activities that were required of us were a great source of friction.

In writing this I wonder, did the friction seem more than it really was, because we were in seventh grade? Middle school age? A whole another topic for friction within itself.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Scribbling #239~Intense

Intense is trying to find balance. Balancing and juggling life and its daily doings can be a challenge. I am a single mom, who at the moment works a full time job and is trying to create a whole new life for myself and my child. I come home in the evening, spend quality time with and take care of the needs of my child (ie. homework, dinner, baths, play and bedtime rituals).

After my child is in bed then I try and carve out what I want my new niche, and career in life to be, by staying up and focusing on the goals I have set for myself and my time line, so that I can work from home full time, doing what I am passionate about. While having the freedom of time and to be able to set my own schedule and not be under someone thumb 24/7.

It is intense to try and recreate a new life from an old one. It is knowing what you want that new life to look like and not getting frustrated if there are set backs along the way. Understanding, taking advantage of and working around or incorporating the setbacks into the plan. Intensity is the feeling you get when things fall into place, one goal has been achieved, checked off the list and the next one is already in motion.

In all honesty, the intensity is what drive me. It helps me to strive harder for my dreams and that new life. It leads me to believe that the outcome of achieving what I want will be that much sweeter when success occurs.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010


"Silences make the real conversations between friends. Not the saying but the never needing to say is what counts.” ~Margaret Lee Runbeck

Lately, my evenings have been filled with silence. After I have put my daughter to bed there has been no noise throughout the neighborhood, throughout the house and I have made a conscious effort to keep the T.V. off.

I have been journaling and reading Brene Brown's new book The Gifts of Imperfection, which I might add is amazing. I know that there are lot's of people participating in the perfect protest. I am ashamed to say that I wanted to as well and never got around to doing it, because I just could not think of something to write/say.

I have needed this silence and time in my life to reflect. Not that I do not reflect most of the time. It's just that when life is in the realm of change, the silence and time you allow yourself to sit in that silence can be very comforting and mindful. One can learn so much about themselves, their choices and find new and exciting paths and happiness on the silence journey.

I was blog reading today and it inspired me to write. I always tell myself I will right more consistently but can't seem to find my voice. This book is teaching me that my thoughts do not have to be perfect for me to write on my blog on a daily basis.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Scribbling~#236 Essential

Essential for me at the moment is my health.

A little over a month ago I noticed I had blood in my urine. The condition which is called Hematuria. This was not the first time this had occurred. In fact, ten years to the date, I had, had a similar experience. But then the bleeding just stopped on its on and we never when further with a diagnosis.

This time around they were able to determine by Cystoscopy, that the blood is coming from my left kidney and in less than a week, I will actually have a procedure where they will take a camera up into my kidney to determine what the cause is and hopefully find a solution.

This procedure is essential. Not only for them to determine what is wrong and correct it. But also for me to regain my health. Oddly enough there was no pain initially. Now there is slight pain every so often, but not in a debilitating way. But when I try to maintain my super-mom routine, I notice that I do not feel as motivated and peppy as I should. Yes, I am learning through this sudden experience how essential it is to take care of me too.

I have to be honest and say that this experience is semi scary. The not knowing what it is. Or the thoughts of what it could be, terrify me. I am trying not to think the worst. I belong to a very motivational community called Crazy Sexy Life. It is actually a community that was started for women who have had cancer, but I think that it really has so much more to do with health, wellness, connection and taking care of oneself in the best possible why we can to stay healthy. Reading articles from the blog and other peoples experiences has been essential for me to already try and heal myself before a diagnoses has been made through mindset, diet and remembering to take care of me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Scribblings#234~Love

A dear friend of mine sent me this in an email over the weekend.

"i send you a big kiss from Paris.
Ahhh...Paris... city of lovers... so cute" ~Stephane Calmette

It came at the perfect moment, just when I needed it the most.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Scribblings~#232 Treatment

That loving,
intelligent person
becomes lost;
turning violent.

Filled with anger,
and hatred
towards the people
who they are closest too.
As well as the world around them.

Constant inconsistency
and blame
overtakes you.

You refuse to take responsibility
for your actions,
choose to live in denial,
refusing to learn
or understand
how your illness
effects your thoughts,
and how you treat others.

Your random,
confusing and sometimes
hateful, verbally abusive
words that spew
from your mouth
are emotionally draining
and damaging.

Your betrayal of not wanting
to help yourself,
for the sake of yourself
your family.

Choosing false beliefs
that support your cause
to be right and free.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heartwork E-Journaling Workshop~Playing Catch Up

My practice of breathing is becoming better and slightly more comfortable. I have been practicing even when I am not doing these writing exercises so that I can also relax. I do still feel tense and strange in certain moments, especially when I am trying to hard. My breaths just don't come naturally in these moments.
It is Monday, August 16th and my daughter and I just arrived home from the pool. There is a strong smell of chlorine in the air, as our wet towels, hang to dry in the laundry room. I am extremely tired. It has been many years since I have been swimming on a regular basis and the workout of laps has been pretty intense. I am not really in the mood to do anything at the moment but crash on the couch and read a book. But I am here, writing because, I am also trying to get back into the swing of this thing I also love called writing. My daughter is watching Hannah Montana in the other room, I can hear the blaring t.v. and wonder why does it have to be so loud. She's six and she will be deaf soon if she continues like this. Kids, you have to love them, in all their innocence. I do not even have to be in the room to know she is lying across a large brown leather chair, eyes fixated on the t.v and singing when the songs play. This is her routine. I decided to make myself so tea, to help me wind down and relax. From where I sit in my office I can see the steam from the kettle start to emerge. I think I will make an Yerba Matte Latte. I can already smell and taste the fresh almond milk and sweetness of the honey on my tongue. Whenever I sit at my computer and write, I listen to Pandora. At the moment I am listing to a Nora Jones station, and tapping my toe to the floor. It seems geekish, but at the moment I don't care and continue as I loose myself in my words.

Wow! Summers here in Atlanta seem to get hotter and hotter, muggier and muggier as the years go on. I am sitting on my deck in the backyard and trying to breath through all this humidity seems impossible. There is a slight breeze, but I wouldn't say it is anything that really makes a significant difference, if you even notice it at all. Our yard is open on one side to the street. We live in a very quirt neighborhood. and there is not much of anything going on at any one time. People seem to be sporatic when walking their dogs, or kids playing in the street. Even cars don't drive by that often. From the inside of the house you rarely notice a sound from outside. Perhaps that is also because the houses are not so close together. Our neighbors directly behind us built a pool just before the summer started. I hear the kids splashing, laughing and also fighting, apparently over some toy. The house on the other side is empty and the grass is growing. The neighbor in that house recently began to get alzheimer's and was moved into a home, so the house sits empty and it is eerily quiet. Snickers our neurotic dog is running circles up and down the lawn, as my daughter stands on an old tree trunk and singing songs, and acting out her own play. As I look up into the bright blue, cloudless sky, I see a half dozen or so hawks circling in the air. Some up high, other so low I wonder if they could potentially swoop down and grab my dog. This is fun being out here, but at the same time, it is too hot to really enjoy. So, I am calling it quits and heading inside to cool off and get some air and a nice ice cold glass of water.

My love list:
Raw Ice Cream
Listening to Music
Trying to Do Art
Ice Water
Yerba Matte Tea
Learning Languages
Juicing/Green Smoothies
Video Games

What I love the most on my list is reading. I love books, all genres. It is actually my favorite thing to do and I wish that I had a job where I could just read all day. There was a time after which I had my daughter where I put reading on hold because I either could not find the time or I was just too tired. It was a hard time in my life not to be able to loose myself in a good book. I love to spend hours at the book store, in a cozy chair with a coffee or tea and read. I buy books a lot from the bookstore, on amazon, or at the library book sales. I also borrow books from the library a lot as well. The bookstore and the library are like my second homes. It think for me books and reading are an obsession. When I was a child, I wanted to be a famous author who read, wrote books and owned her own books store on the west coast.

Dear Lisa,

I just heard about your pending divorce. Knowing you as a person, I am sure it is hitting you pretty hard. Your marriage (or lack of) was trying, and chaotic to say the least. But you really did give it everything you had under the circumstances, and for that you should be proud. Despite all the suffering you went through, you always managed to put on a brave face, give him the benefit of the doubt and find it in your heart to forgive, continue to love and move on. Remember, he is ill. I admire you for being able to have so much love for a person who was really not very worthy of it. Someone who treated you so badly, and was never willing to do what was necessary for you to have a loving, stable family with him. I commend you for sticking it out. He is making the choice to give up. You might not realize it now through all your hurt and anger, but it is for the best. He wasn't at all what he should have been for you or for your daughter. It is possible he would have never been capable. You both deserve so much more. You deserve to be loved, cared for and protected. You never really had a chance to live what a real marriage is suppose to be. Remember the happy moments you had with him, even if sometimes the horrible ones felt like they were stealing the happy one's away.

I want to reassure you that your pain, anger and sadness will go away. It will fade with time and you will heal. You will find true happiness again. I am here for you any time you need my support, a shoulder to cry on, or to make you laugh and hopefully not forget completely but cherish the good things about this experience, and help you to move on.

All my love,

Your friend, me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Heartwork E-Journaling Workshop ~Reflection

I am currently doing a e-journaling course that beings today through Kate Johson's site Heartwork. I am always wanting to journal and blog and often find myself not following through as I should. This is not only making me accountable, but also it is making me try a different way to let loose on what I write. The first assignment is on reflection. So, here it goes:

When I breathe, I feel stuck. Breathing does not come easily for me and I cannot seem to focus when I force myself to try and breathe. I would love to take yoga and excel at it, but I freak out every time the breathe portion comes into play. Perhaps, it is because I have never truly learned how to breathe? My not knowing how to breathe, makes breathing more difficult for me. So that is the hardest part so far for me on this journey.

Reflection on the other hand is not. I am always reflecting on my life, myself and the things that go on around me. I like to try and change and grow in my life whenever there seems to be something out of balance. Or at least out of balance in my mind. I have been told many a time, I am too over analytical about things and life.

At the moment and recently, I am deep into reflection because I am about to go through a divorce. One that has been a long time coming, but not for the right reason's. One that could be unavoidable, but I do not really have a say in the matter. My husband has a mental illness and it has dictated our whole relationship.

My emotional self is the forefront of my attention, as is my external life, because my whole situation not only affects me but my six year old daughter. When I really reflect, I realize that my emotional and external life has be the forefront of my attention for many years, seven to be exact.

When I stumbled across the Heartwork blog and saw this e-course, I was drawn to what I read. I wanted the opportunity to take the class. (Besides being faced with a divorce, I have also been unemployed and recently found a job that is due to start at the beginning of September)

Reading the words Heartwork clicked with me. It made me realize it is just what I needed to do. I thought immediately it would be an opportunity for me to maybe be able to express what has been blocked and buried deep within me; waiting and wanting to come to the surface. A chance for me to heal the emotional and external things that are demanding all my attention. To possible gain the freedom and force myself to really ask myself hard questions and move forward through journaling. Something, I have not been able to do without the prompt or push of someone else. With this, I won't freeze when I look at the page, hopefully, I will express.

I am not 100% sure that what I have written here has anything to do with or answered all the questions that were asked in the reflection exercise, but I wrote what came to mind and moved me in my attempt. Thanks for allowing me the experience and to be a part of this course.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Scribblings #225 ~Letter

J is for Joy

I'll pick the letter J
which for me represents Joy.

Joy, that it is summer. Never mind that it is way too hot, and balmy and ever so uncomfortable. Being able to wear a tank top, shorts and flip flops or as little else as possible while soaking up the rays from the sun.
Eating ice cream or popsicles to keep you cool. Or feasting on ice cold watermelon and sipping fresh squeezed lemonade.
Pure joy is enjoying the seasonal things such as lounging by the pool reading a trashy or easy to read novel. Or feeling the warm grit of sand between your feet while walking on the beach.
Packed in the car or mini-van for the annual family road trip. Discovering new sights and sounds yet unknown.
Or sitting out on the back deck of the house, as dusk settles in, with good friends. Drinking wine or cocktails and sharing an amazing conversation and dinner. Tiki torches and candles a glow. Kids racing through the yard and garden trying to capture fireflies. Or when nightfall finally hits and there is a full moon in the sky, kids in bed, and a welcoming silence in the air.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Scribblings~#224 Source

Lately, source for me has been that for "inspiration". Inspiration through books and blogs to help me develop my writing, creativity and artistic side.

I have found that when I am in a rut, books are one of my best sources for me to to find, create and implement these traits within myself.

My books of choice or (sources) that I am working with now are:

1. SARK's "The Bodacious Book of Succulence" and "Make Your Creative Dreams Real".

2. John Dufresne's "The Lie That Tells the Truth".

I use these books and the exercises in them to jump start my creativity again, to practice being in the artistic mode and to follow through with whatever it is I am creating. They help me to focus and stay motivated. They serve as a reminder as to why I like to be creative and artistic in the first place. They are freeing. They help motivate me and take away some of my fears.

But I also like to read an obscene amount of blogs, on almost a daily basis, to find inspiration or to see how others are inspired. The blogs I read most often are those of artists (photographers, interior designers, crafters, and illustrators ) writers, and sometimes indie musicians. I love to also get inspiration from blogs that have writing prompts or artistic prompts for the week. It gives me the opportunity to make myself accountable, for getting out of my comfort zone, getting over my fears and presenting myself to the world. Whether what I have done is good or bad, I am making an attempt, with the knowledge that I can only improve with practice.

What are some of the sources that you use when looking for inspiration?

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Shoe That Dropped ~Writing Exercise From Book " The Lie That Tells The Truth"

When the shoe dropped it was too late, and you had moved on. Leaving me with regret, sadness and the knowledge that you were never coming back, ever. The craziest part of it all is that it was my fault you were no longer there. I though we were solid, I thought we were in love. I cried for days, perhaps even months at the realization of what appeared to be my “biggest mistake” ever. I held onto, read and re-read the poem you wrote me which became a subtle slap in my face, as to why I was now alone.

You were the strong one, the one who acted like an adult. The one who gave everything to “us, the couple.” While I on the other hand, always acted like a selfish child; indecisive and way too sure of myself. Yes, I wanted you to be with you, badly. Yes, I really was in love with everything about you. But the newness of “us” scared the comfort of what I had, had with him, and always drew me back and me. Guilt consumed me for having ended things with him so abruptly, because I was so smitten by you. Yes, smitten with everything about you; the way your face turned red and you blushed whenever we were together, the yogurt, cereal and fruit salads you would make me for breakfast, the sexy and seductive accent you spoke with when you would tell me everything about your life past and present, your love for reading, poetry, and playing guitar, your love for eclectic types of music and the concerts we went to, your constantly cracking jokes on other people or on me, leaving at a moments notice to do something on a whim and not have to plan everything out, your ability to see the world and other cultures without judgment and with full acceptance and interest, how you’d tease me about the little things you found amusing that I did, letting yourself be kidnapped for the night with me and a friend, when you barely knew me and then taking it a step further and trying to drive us to Paris; a the while pretending not to acknowledge that I was into you, until we came home the next day and you kissed me in the car, or not wanting to ever take your shirt off in front of me because you were sincerely worried I’d laugh, and of course that boyish, extremely likeable nature that you proudly exuded. Yep, you always stood before me, and by my side and offered me everything that I not only wanted, but what I needed. Everything, I had ever been looking for.

Would it sound silly if I tell you I woke up one day and realized you were partially the reason for my wanting to leave Europe and move back home to the U.S? I was ready to rebuild my life and try and escape my feelings and thoughts of you. I had nothing to stay for. It turned out that was not so easy. I could not and did not forget. I stayed in touch with people who I knew and they gladly fed me information about you. When I found out you too had left the place where we used to work together, I searched for a way to contact you. I even remember trying to write to you. I figured I had nothing to loose, what if? There was never a response, but I was not surprised. I had not been the first of your ex’s to attempt this. I can remember the time so clearly when we came home from work, to your place one night and there was a letter or postcard from an ex and you didn’t even hesitate to chuck it in the trash, unread. What is it you have that leaves a women regretting what she lost, and knowing what she had was worth keeping?

There are still stolen moments for me when I am alone driving in the car, listening to music or reading poetry that you cross my mind and I relish in the moment, feelings and thoughts of you. And even though I have now semi-reconnected with you on a very superficial and distant level and know a bit about how your life has turned out, I still wonder about what would have been had the shoe not dropped.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Right Now~Writing Exercise From Book "The Lie That Tells The Truth"

Right now, at this very moment, I am sitting in my semi-messy office in front of my Mac writing. It feels pretty amazing. And whether my writing in the moment is good or bad, I am most happy that I am writing and committing myself to writing exercises. I am not only getting back into what I love but I am also re-sharpening my skills and learning to write again. Do need a refresher course in grammar and punctuation as well.

The air conditioning is running, the trash trucks are driving up and down the street, loading and unloading the cans from the mechanical arm on the back of the truck. A loud clunking sound emerges; every time they place the cans haphazardly back on the street in front of someone's house. Otherwise, there is a silence that seems peaceful and soothing. Behind me are bags of clothes and other items that need to be listed on eBay; some of the clothes are hanging from doorknobs, and doors ready to have their pictures taken. Three bookshelves overloaded with a eclectic collection of books read and books which need to be read line the wall to the left side and behind me.

There is a large light colored corkboard on the wall just to the right of me, which is my inspiration board. I just started it recently (within the last two months), so there are only a few things attached to it so far; such as Buddhist prayer flags, a cafe gratitude sticker, raw@theriver postcard, cut out quotes and a you are loved sticker which came from Cafe Gratitude when I ordered my nut mylk bags. My desk is a modern wall desk that I bought at Office Depot a long, long time ago. I am looking forward to getting my new one soon.

I am waiting for the phone guy to come fix the telephone line, which has not been working properly since we moved in this house over four years ago. My internet connection; the victim of up's and downs and random disconnects throughout the day for the last two years was becoming unbearably annoying when I was trying to get work done and had no internet access. Two new modems later and with endless calls, I was able to convince the phone company what my hunch was all along that the line had and issue. Finally, after doing further testing at a higher level, they gave in when they realized my line was not set properly for the capacity I am running. I guess working in the telecom industry for seven years taught me something after all.

Also, I am planning for the upcoming garage sale we will be having in the next few weeks. I cannot wait to unload all the "stuff" that has been laying around that I no longer use or want. I have been in an ongoing process of remodeling this house and getting the junk out will be on step further to completion. It will then allow for me to purchase and bring in the new things I want to decorate with. I want to mix things up. I will have mostly modern with a few antiques or vintage pieces. I love Scandinavian style and also this look from one of my favorite blogs Yvestown and these from a blog I recently discover called Rearranged Design appeal to me. The excitement of it all is hard to contain.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Future ~ Pen On Fire Exercise

When I wake up in the morning, I will be sitting in on my deck, at my dream coastal home, overlooking the blue ocean waters and listening to the peaceful sounds of the waves crashing into each other.

Either sipping a cup of coffee or tea, I will watch runners; dogs and people exercise on the sandy beach, as the day breaks. With pad and pen in hand, this will be my “me time” and I will be jotting down my thoughts, feelings or whatever spontaneously moves me, with the knowledge that I will turn these words into stories later on in the days, months or years ahead.

As I hear the first sound of feet walking across the hardwood floors of the house, I will gladly head for the kitchen to make smoothies, green drinks, and fresh juices. Lunches will already be packed and in the fridge, all the book bags by the doors ready to be grab, as it becomes chaos trying to get everyone out the door. Kisses will be planted on noses, foreheads or my husband’s lips as everyone but me heads out of the house to tackle whatever lies ahead in the day.

I will devour the art’s and culture section of the newspaper, take a steaming hot shower, and make sure to use a fragrant body wash that’s smell will linger in the bathroom long into the day. Gladly will I spend the remainder of the morning and early afternoon, writing and revising in my studio, creating powerful art or sewing, until I hear the feet of young ones heading up the path, home from school at last.

I will spend time with the kids for an hour or two, exploring the beach, going on outings, collecting things or running errands; all the while laughing and having fun. As we arrive home and the evening is slowly coming to an end, they will do homework or help cook dinner. We will sit together as a family after their dad arrives and share the most important moments of our days.

Clean up will be quick and there will be time for TV, quiet reading, video games or walks on the beach as the sunsets.

The little ones will bathe and be put to bed first, thee older kids will fend for themselves. All lights for them will be at 10:00. At which time for the grown-ups to play catch up, get cozy, and share intimate moments with one another.

The time will pass quickly, as it always does and soon the sun will be coming up again. As the day before I will be up before anyone else to enjoy my “me time”.

Perhaps it will be summer break, some of the kids will sleep later, some off at camp, maybe we are on vacation in Europe, sightseeing and enjoying the slow paced life unknown to us in the U.S. Or perhaps all the kids will be off at school, my husbands and I empty nesters, getting ready to start a new adventure of our own.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunday Scribblings#223~Video Prompt

I had tears in my eyes by the end of this video because I really loved the song and it made me think of my daughter.

She is six years old and coming into her own so quickly. She is becoming the most amazing person. She is thoughtful and kind, always helping her friends, and wanting to help others. The other day without my even having to ask while we were at the post office she would run to open the door for elderly people she saw coming.

She is compassionate about the world she lives in. Ever since she learned about recycling and taking care of the earth, she has made a conscious effort to follow through on what she learned.

She is smart (I know all parents say this) but she picks up quick on her school assignments and seems to remember everything that she learns and goes out of her way to learn more about a subject.

She can be sneaky at times (in that innocent childlike way), taking things in her book bag to school or camp without asking me and then I find it when I clean her book bag out at night. She has always been amazingly creative, and from a very young age carried a notebook around with her to draw and write in it herself or to let her friends or others write and draw in it too. She loves to dance, act, dress up. Unlike her mom she is a real girly-girl.

My daughter is sensitive and caring, if someone else is sad she offers to give them a hug. If she is sad she wants a hug for herself. If she has done something wrong she is quick to apologize and say it in a way that you know she truly means it and rarely repeats the same mistake again.

I am so proud of who she is now and I am sure I will be proud of who she will become. I am constantly excited by the days events that occur with her. I am endlessly curious about how the middle school and teen-age years will be with her.

She is a real joy and has made motherhood and absolute blast and I love her with all my heart.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anthony Robbins ~ Get The Edge

I started listening to Anthony Robbins Get The Edge CD's and they pure and simply ROCK! Transformation on the horizon. It is amazing how simple and easy it is to follow his steps and get your brain changed almost immediately. I have mapped out so much of my day to day activities. I am following the advice to do my hour of power and the forced focusing on myself is slowly making me feel more in control of what I want.
When a monkey wrench gets thrown at me (like something going on now that I am unable to disclose at this time). I know now how to place it in my priority list and move forward or leave it behind id if necessary too.

For anyone out there that needs a little motivation, push or to help get back on track this is the series for you. Breath in, dive in, embrace and see wonderful things occur.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Yoga Style Quiz I Took at Yoga Journal Magazine ~LOL

The style of yoga that best suits you is:

Bikram Yoga

You like to work hard and have an unusual affinity for heat. You subscribe to the philosophy, "Practice makes perfect." In Bikram Yoga, you'll practice a sequence of 26 poses and breathing exercises repeated twice in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The purpose is to warm up the muscles quickly and promote detoxification via sweat. Be sure to bring a bottle of water and a towel to class, and wear clothes that allow you to perspire freely.

I am laughing out loud that this result that came back from the quiz I took on, for many reasons. I have taken one Bikram Yoga class in my life and the teacher that taught it deterred me from it because he was not so nice and extremely harsh. It was so bad, that my friend and I bolted right before the cool down and he actually followed us to the changing area and demanded that we come back. Needless to say, we left and never went back.

Then a few weeks ago I happened to stumble across a blog that talked about Bikram yoga being a great yoga for stress relief, so I have been pondering with the idea recently to try it again.

I am a person who does not feel my stress outright. I can take so much in and still feel like I am calm. Yet I know and have been told that my stress tends to stay in my muscles,(especially in the neck and shoulder area),so that area is always tight and sore.

I have been an on and off yoga gal for about 3 years now, not sticking it one specific practice but mostly practicing Power Vinyasa Yoga with yoga tapes from Barron Baptiste, or Vinyasa in a studio.

Recently, I have had a drive to push myself to practice yoga on a more regular and consistent basis so that it becomes the main exercise regimen in my life. Perhaps this test was a sign from the Universe telling me that I should move forward, delve into the 105 degree heat and see what transpires.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Book~ "In The Land of Invisible Women"

I came across this book while I was perusing the Bio section at Barnes & Noble.

It is the true story of a Muslim doctor who was practicing here in the United States until her visa ran out. She chooses to practice in Saudi Arabia under the guise that she as a Muslim will be able to fit in. It comes as a surprise to her that even with her Muslim upbringing she is not really prepared for a transition into a world she finds she is not truly prepared for.

It is very well written and an amazing story of self discovery. It gives such great insight to the lives of Saudi women and their culture. I have always been fascinated by that culture and the laws that govern that county.

This is an amazing read and it will have you immersed in a culture that is curious and awe inspiring. You will also reevaluate what it means to be a women who has freedom to be who she truly is and be who she wants to be.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Scribblings~#213 Recipe

This weeks prompt came at the perfect time when I was actually making my favorite recipe for the next few days ahead. I am mostly a raw foodist. I sometimes eat a low fat vegan cook diet on occasion. One thing I have loved about the whole uncooking experience is learning how to make raw ice creams.

The base of most raw ice creams are made from nuts, and/or young coconut meat. The first raw ice cream recipe I ever tried was from the Raw Food Real World cook book (slightly modified) and it was:

Vanilla Ice Cream

2 cups raw cashews , soaked 4 hrs or more
2 cups coconut meat (young coconuts)
1 cup filtered water (I use water from water ionizer)
1 cup raw agave nectar
1/4 cup coconut butter
2 tablespoons of raw vanilla extract
Seeds of 1/2 vanilla bean or two additional teaspoons of extract
1/2 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt

In Vita-Mix or high-speed blender, blend all ingredients until completely smooth. Chill thoroughly and then process in an ice cream maker according to manufacturers directions.

This is a great base for other flavors. Since I love chocolate a lot. I usually grind up raw cacao nibs and add to this recipe, to make an awesome raw chocolate ice cream.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Rambling's

I have been out trying to take pictures, and trying to recreate my love for photography. It has been so long. I used to shoot constantly with a Nikon film 35mm and then one day the shutter jammed. Due to the fact that it would be more to fix than to buy a new camera I sold it for parts on eBay. At this point I have a little point and shoot Nikon that I use to take pictures for eBay, but other than that I haven't been able to master using it or even understand how. I really want an SLR so I guess I am subconsciously avoiding the learning process until I get my SLR.

I borrowed my daughter's father's Sony A350 and went on a shooting rampage. This is one of the odd pictures I took, but there is something I really love about it. I really reconnected with the feeling of taking pictures and the beauty you can find in things.

Reconnecting with photography also made me reconnect with myself, my hobbies and things that I love to do that are important to me. It is helping me recapture parts of myself that I had buried and forgotten existed.

This fall I am going to be taking classes here to become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and classes (not sure where yet) to become certified in making and teaching others about Raw Food.

I am planning and working through some other goals I have from myself. In the meantime I am heavily involved in reading, and working on The Artist's Way and 52 projects. I will begin to document here on my blog as I complete things.

Hope everyone has a super weekend and enjoy whatever you have planned.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ugggh, This Pollen Is Killing Me.

Well, the brain child I am decided last weekend to mow the lawn without a mask in a time when (had I been thinking) should have known that the pollen levels are at their highest. Needless to say, I have been filled with congestion, doing a mock Netti pot cleanse as well as trying to drink as much liquid and whatever else I can that will loosen this phlegm that is literally choking me to death, if not tickling my throat and making me cough a lung or two up.
Thank goodness for Yerba Mate, almond milk and agave. It is so soothing and I can't get enough. So, I am going to climb into bed, rest and snuggle up with a good book or a great t.v. show (LOL!) and see if I can shorten this pollen death sentence I am forced to endure.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just A Rainy Tuesday~Energy Abounding

Do you ever wake up sometimes bursting of energy? Or with a little urge to just let out a scream (no negative scream, almost a bursting with joy "let it out" scream)? That was me this morning. Even though it was a raining dreary day outside, I felt full of energy, excitement and motivation to move forward with all my plans.

I have been reading and watching a lot of motivational books and videos lately. I am currently trying to grow my business and break out of my shell on so many levels that I have been using these tools to help me.

It is amazing to me, how words on a page or words people speak can open your eyes and give you the boost you might need at the moment to push through; especially when you feel like giving up.

I have always been shy when it comes to approaching others. Most people find it hard to believe once they get to know me, but it is true. As I have grown older and come into my own more, I realize that I need to just be me. Some people will not like me and it is ok. Even though to be honest, I have never really been one to have to have every one like me anyway. But as you get older the need really becomes less and less.

Don't get me wrong, I love to meet new people, and I am always looking to make new and lasting friendships. I love beiong around people, I have always been a people person. I love to sicialize and do activities with groups of people as well (ie. concerts, events, dinner parties, bookclubs, and the list goes on). I also love to be with me. I am comfortable with spending time alone. Guess being an only child helped in that department.

But the energy I have gained from my reading, and my re-entry into eating mostly raw, has made me wake up in the mornings, energy abounding and looking very forward to what lies ahead.

So, as I write this post and look out the window at the rain falling, my next move will be to step out onto my deck and let my energy take me where it may.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Scribblings~#206 The Book That Changed Everything

"Diet for a New America" by John Robbins changed my life in the way I ate. After reading the last page of this book, I became a Vegan. It led me to immerse myself into reading more about the subject, and to branch out into books on raw foodism. It is a path in my life I am happy I took. I also feel though it is and should always be a personalchoice.

Addendum (per request of Oldegg):

This lifestyle change was easy for me. I went cold turkey, as I do with most major changes in my life(like when I quit smoking). I love to make change and make change BIG!

As far pros and cons, there were more pros making this change than cons. The biggest pro is that I feel healthier than I have ever. I gained a better appreciation for how animals are treated in this country and for the sole purpose of making money(lot's of money). Becoming vegan also opened my eyes to living more green and adopting an more sustainable lifestyle. All in all it just made me more consciously aware of my surroundings.

The biggest con or drawback has been, that at times I spend so much more time in the kitchen with preparation. So when I am short on time I might not eat enough in the day. Especially, when I am eating mostly raw for the day.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Monday Down

The weekends seem to fly by. Monday is always a hard day when the alarm goes off and I wish I could just stay in bed. This week though I am lucky because my daughter is on Spring Break (yep, spring is not even officially here, yes I know) so I slept a little later than I would on a school day.

One of my new things that I want to start this week, is to actually wake up early to read for 30-60 minutes and alternate with journaling. I have always been a morning person, and in my older age I have become even less of an evening person and find myself crashing at night, or wanting to.

This is all a part of putting the simplest joy back into my life and finding me time to focus on my wants, needs and goals. As well as tap into my creative side again.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Cup of Coffee, Computer and The Urge to Write and Reading Adding more Ing To Your Life!

A cup of coffee and my computer have been constants in my life lately. In fact, I have reverted back to drinking more coffee after a long break.

Also lately, I have had a strong urge to write.

I have been thinking about and dreaming about my childhood. I can envision the journals I would keep and the stories I would make up. Writing was always my passion. I vividly remember lying on the floor writing endlessly in my journal and then carefully locking it, so that my secrets and dreams could not be disturbed.

Yet, I have constantly brushed it aside, put it on the back burner, listened to the little voices tell me that I am not good enough, etc.

But that urge or need to put words down on paper always resurfaces. It is a craving that does not go away. I find myself in places when out in public listening to others and getting ideas of things to write about or scribbling notes to myself. But when I start to put it on paper and then I hesitate. Question to self: What the heck are you so afraid of?

I have been following Gabrielle Bernstein the author of Adding More ing to Your Life recently. Her blog and videos have fueled something inside me to look deeper within. I thrive on trying to better myself and learn more. But the information she puts out has something that drew me to it in a way that for right no, I can't explain. So, yesterday I picked up the book and began reading it. There is something so strong that I relate to. I have needed a major transformation in my life for sometime now. I am excited to see where this journey will take me.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Scribblings ~ #203 " When Pig's Fly" or When Hell Freezes Over"

The show Barnyard Animals was my first thought when I saw this prompt. Those animals are always trying to do things animals by our knowledge would never be capable of doing.

I guess the concept of how we use the phrase "when pigs fly is new for me", I can't actually remember a time when I ever said it. But, then again I believe in never saying never.

Life always has a way of sneaking up on you when you say "this or that" will never happen.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have been a missing blogger in action. I have always been so bad with time management and finding the time to blog. These past few months have been crazy. I have been eating more cooked food then normal, I am mostly a raw foodist, trying to transition 100%.

It has been snowing and very cold. It seems like we get it this at least once a year now in Georgia. Not that I do not like snow and winter. But I like it to b consistent. Which here it is not. One moment warm, the next FREEZING. No time to adjust. I keep thinking how nice it would be to take a trip to Hawaii. Well, summer is almost here.

I have been reading 4-Hour-Workweek and REALLY want and iPad. I am a complete Mac Junky, I love everything mac and want everything mac (ironically, I do not yet have an iPhone, was waiting on my provider contract to terminate). I have also been curled up with lots of other good books too. I love to read. There is a great reader's retreat that I am hoping to register for soon.

Otherwise, I am currently, working on my business and getting back into writing. They had a great article in recent Writer's Digest Issue that made me realize I need to put more time even if it is in small increments into getting back into my craft. So, this Sunday I will be Scribbling again.