Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have been a missing blogger in action. I have always been so bad with time management and finding the time to blog. These past few months have been crazy. I have been eating more cooked food then normal, I am mostly a raw foodist, trying to transition 100%.

It has been snowing and very cold. It seems like we get it this at least once a year now in Georgia. Not that I do not like snow and winter. But I like it to b consistent. Which here it is not. One moment warm, the next FREEZING. No time to adjust. I keep thinking how nice it would be to take a trip to Hawaii. Well, summer is almost here.

I have been reading 4-Hour-Workweek and REALLY want and iPad. I am a complete Mac Junky, I love everything mac and want everything mac (ironically, I do not yet have an iPhone, was waiting on my provider contract to terminate). I have also been curled up with lots of other good books too. I love to read. There is a great reader's retreat that I am hoping to register for soon.

Otherwise, I am currently, working on my business and getting back into writing. They had a great article in recent Writer's Digest Issue that made me realize I need to put more time even if it is in small increments into getting back into my craft. So, this Sunday I will be Scribbling again.

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