Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Monday Down

The weekends seem to fly by. Monday is always a hard day when the alarm goes off and I wish I could just stay in bed. This week though I am lucky because my daughter is on Spring Break (yep, spring is not even officially here, yes I know) so I slept a little later than I would on a school day.

One of my new things that I want to start this week, is to actually wake up early to read for 30-60 minutes and alternate with journaling. I have always been a morning person, and in my older age I have become even less of an evening person and find myself crashing at night, or wanting to.

This is all a part of putting the simplest joy back into my life and finding me time to focus on my wants, needs and goals. As well as tap into my creative side again.

1 comment:

  1. How awesome! I hope you were able to do it. I love to journal--whether it's quotes, thoughts, stories or pictures. Helps my clarity of mind. And definitely adds joy!