Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Cup of Coffee, Computer and The Urge to Write and Reading Adding more Ing To Your Life!

A cup of coffee and my computer have been constants in my life lately. In fact, I have reverted back to drinking more coffee after a long break.

Also lately, I have had a strong urge to write.

I have been thinking about and dreaming about my childhood. I can envision the journals I would keep and the stories I would make up. Writing was always my passion. I vividly remember lying on the floor writing endlessly in my journal and then carefully locking it, so that my secrets and dreams could not be disturbed.

Yet, I have constantly brushed it aside, put it on the back burner, listened to the little voices tell me that I am not good enough, etc.

But that urge or need to put words down on paper always resurfaces. It is a craving that does not go away. I find myself in places when out in public listening to others and getting ideas of things to write about or scribbling notes to myself. But when I start to put it on paper and then I hesitate. Question to self: What the heck are you so afraid of?

I have been following Gabrielle Bernstein the author of Adding More ing to Your Life recently. Her blog and videos have fueled something inside me to look deeper within. I thrive on trying to better myself and learn more. But the information she puts out has something that drew me to it in a way that for right no, I can't explain. So, yesterday I picked up the book and began reading it. There is something so strong that I relate to. I have needed a major transformation in my life for sometime now. I am excited to see where this journey will take me.

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