Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anthony Robbins ~ Get The Edge

I started listening to Anthony Robbins Get The Edge CD's and they pure and simply ROCK! Transformation on the horizon. It is amazing how simple and easy it is to follow his steps and get your brain changed almost immediately. I have mapped out so much of my day to day activities. I am following the advice to do my hour of power and the forced focusing on myself is slowly making me feel more in control of what I want.
When a monkey wrench gets thrown at me (like something going on now that I am unable to disclose at this time). I know now how to place it in my priority list and move forward or leave it behind id if necessary too.

For anyone out there that needs a little motivation, push or to help get back on track this is the series for you. Breath in, dive in, embrace and see wonderful things occur.