Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Scribblings #225 ~Letter

J is for Joy

I'll pick the letter J
which for me represents Joy.

Joy, that it is summer. Never mind that it is way too hot, and balmy and ever so uncomfortable. Being able to wear a tank top, shorts and flip flops or as little else as possible while soaking up the rays from the sun.
Eating ice cream or popsicles to keep you cool. Or feasting on ice cold watermelon and sipping fresh squeezed lemonade.
Pure joy is enjoying the seasonal things such as lounging by the pool reading a trashy or easy to read novel. Or feeling the warm grit of sand between your feet while walking on the beach.
Packed in the car or mini-van for the annual family road trip. Discovering new sights and sounds yet unknown.
Or sitting out on the back deck of the house, as dusk settles in, with good friends. Drinking wine or cocktails and sharing an amazing conversation and dinner. Tiki torches and candles a glow. Kids racing through the yard and garden trying to capture fireflies. Or when nightfall finally hits and there is a full moon in the sky, kids in bed, and a welcoming silence in the air.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Scribblings~#224 Source

Lately, source for me has been that for "inspiration". Inspiration through books and blogs to help me develop my writing, creativity and artistic side.

I have found that when I am in a rut, books are one of my best sources for me to to find, create and implement these traits within myself.

My books of choice or (sources) that I am working with now are:

1. SARK's "The Bodacious Book of Succulence" and "Make Your Creative Dreams Real".

2. John Dufresne's "The Lie That Tells the Truth".

I use these books and the exercises in them to jump start my creativity again, to practice being in the artistic mode and to follow through with whatever it is I am creating. They help me to focus and stay motivated. They serve as a reminder as to why I like to be creative and artistic in the first place. They are freeing. They help motivate me and take away some of my fears.

But I also like to read an obscene amount of blogs, on almost a daily basis, to find inspiration or to see how others are inspired. The blogs I read most often are those of artists (photographers, interior designers, crafters, and illustrators ) writers, and sometimes indie musicians. I love to also get inspiration from blogs that have writing prompts or artistic prompts for the week. It gives me the opportunity to make myself accountable, for getting out of my comfort zone, getting over my fears and presenting myself to the world. Whether what I have done is good or bad, I am making an attempt, with the knowledge that I can only improve with practice.

What are some of the sources that you use when looking for inspiration?

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Shoe That Dropped ~Writing Exercise From Book " The Lie That Tells The Truth"

When the shoe dropped it was too late, and you had moved on. Leaving me with regret, sadness and the knowledge that you were never coming back, ever. The craziest part of it all is that it was my fault you were no longer there. I though we were solid, I thought we were in love. I cried for days, perhaps even months at the realization of what appeared to be my “biggest mistake” ever. I held onto, read and re-read the poem you wrote me which became a subtle slap in my face, as to why I was now alone.

You were the strong one, the one who acted like an adult. The one who gave everything to “us, the couple.” While I on the other hand, always acted like a selfish child; indecisive and way too sure of myself. Yes, I wanted you to be with you, badly. Yes, I really was in love with everything about you. But the newness of “us” scared the comfort of what I had, had with him, and always drew me back and me. Guilt consumed me for having ended things with him so abruptly, because I was so smitten by you. Yes, smitten with everything about you; the way your face turned red and you blushed whenever we were together, the yogurt, cereal and fruit salads you would make me for breakfast, the sexy and seductive accent you spoke with when you would tell me everything about your life past and present, your love for reading, poetry, and playing guitar, your love for eclectic types of music and the concerts we went to, your constantly cracking jokes on other people or on me, leaving at a moments notice to do something on a whim and not have to plan everything out, your ability to see the world and other cultures without judgment and with full acceptance and interest, how you’d tease me about the little things you found amusing that I did, letting yourself be kidnapped for the night with me and a friend, when you barely knew me and then taking it a step further and trying to drive us to Paris; a the while pretending not to acknowledge that I was into you, until we came home the next day and you kissed me in the car, or not wanting to ever take your shirt off in front of me because you were sincerely worried I’d laugh, and of course that boyish, extremely likeable nature that you proudly exuded. Yep, you always stood before me, and by my side and offered me everything that I not only wanted, but what I needed. Everything, I had ever been looking for.

Would it sound silly if I tell you I woke up one day and realized you were partially the reason for my wanting to leave Europe and move back home to the U.S? I was ready to rebuild my life and try and escape my feelings and thoughts of you. I had nothing to stay for. It turned out that was not so easy. I could not and did not forget. I stayed in touch with people who I knew and they gladly fed me information about you. When I found out you too had left the place where we used to work together, I searched for a way to contact you. I even remember trying to write to you. I figured I had nothing to loose, what if? There was never a response, but I was not surprised. I had not been the first of your ex’s to attempt this. I can remember the time so clearly when we came home from work, to your place one night and there was a letter or postcard from an ex and you didn’t even hesitate to chuck it in the trash, unread. What is it you have that leaves a women regretting what she lost, and knowing what she had was worth keeping?

There are still stolen moments for me when I am alone driving in the car, listening to music or reading poetry that you cross my mind and I relish in the moment, feelings and thoughts of you. And even though I have now semi-reconnected with you on a very superficial and distant level and know a bit about how your life has turned out, I still wonder about what would have been had the shoe not dropped.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Right Now~Writing Exercise From Book "The Lie That Tells The Truth"

Right now, at this very moment, I am sitting in my semi-messy office in front of my Mac writing. It feels pretty amazing. And whether my writing in the moment is good or bad, I am most happy that I am writing and committing myself to writing exercises. I am not only getting back into what I love but I am also re-sharpening my skills and learning to write again. Do need a refresher course in grammar and punctuation as well.

The air conditioning is running, the trash trucks are driving up and down the street, loading and unloading the cans from the mechanical arm on the back of the truck. A loud clunking sound emerges; every time they place the cans haphazardly back on the street in front of someone's house. Otherwise, there is a silence that seems peaceful and soothing. Behind me are bags of clothes and other items that need to be listed on eBay; some of the clothes are hanging from doorknobs, and doors ready to have their pictures taken. Three bookshelves overloaded with a eclectic collection of books read and books which need to be read line the wall to the left side and behind me.

There is a large light colored corkboard on the wall just to the right of me, which is my inspiration board. I just started it recently (within the last two months), so there are only a few things attached to it so far; such as Buddhist prayer flags, a cafe gratitude sticker, raw@theriver postcard, cut out quotes and a you are loved sticker which came from Cafe Gratitude when I ordered my nut mylk bags. My desk is a modern wall desk that I bought at Office Depot a long, long time ago. I am looking forward to getting my new one soon.

I am waiting for the phone guy to come fix the telephone line, which has not been working properly since we moved in this house over four years ago. My internet connection; the victim of up's and downs and random disconnects throughout the day for the last two years was becoming unbearably annoying when I was trying to get work done and had no internet access. Two new modems later and with endless calls, I was able to convince the phone company what my hunch was all along that the line had and issue. Finally, after doing further testing at a higher level, they gave in when they realized my line was not set properly for the capacity I am running. I guess working in the telecom industry for seven years taught me something after all.

Also, I am planning for the upcoming garage sale we will be having in the next few weeks. I cannot wait to unload all the "stuff" that has been laying around that I no longer use or want. I have been in an ongoing process of remodeling this house and getting the junk out will be on step further to completion. It will then allow for me to purchase and bring in the new things I want to decorate with. I want to mix things up. I will have mostly modern with a few antiques or vintage pieces. I love Scandinavian style and also this look from one of my favorite blogs Yvestown and these from a blog I recently discover called Rearranged Design appeal to me. The excitement of it all is hard to contain.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Future ~ Pen On Fire Exercise

When I wake up in the morning, I will be sitting in on my deck, at my dream coastal home, overlooking the blue ocean waters and listening to the peaceful sounds of the waves crashing into each other.

Either sipping a cup of coffee or tea, I will watch runners; dogs and people exercise on the sandy beach, as the day breaks. With pad and pen in hand, this will be my “me time” and I will be jotting down my thoughts, feelings or whatever spontaneously moves me, with the knowledge that I will turn these words into stories later on in the days, months or years ahead.

As I hear the first sound of feet walking across the hardwood floors of the house, I will gladly head for the kitchen to make smoothies, green drinks, and fresh juices. Lunches will already be packed and in the fridge, all the book bags by the doors ready to be grab, as it becomes chaos trying to get everyone out the door. Kisses will be planted on noses, foreheads or my husband’s lips as everyone but me heads out of the house to tackle whatever lies ahead in the day.

I will devour the art’s and culture section of the newspaper, take a steaming hot shower, and make sure to use a fragrant body wash that’s smell will linger in the bathroom long into the day. Gladly will I spend the remainder of the morning and early afternoon, writing and revising in my studio, creating powerful art or sewing, until I hear the feet of young ones heading up the path, home from school at last.

I will spend time with the kids for an hour or two, exploring the beach, going on outings, collecting things or running errands; all the while laughing and having fun. As we arrive home and the evening is slowly coming to an end, they will do homework or help cook dinner. We will sit together as a family after their dad arrives and share the most important moments of our days.

Clean up will be quick and there will be time for TV, quiet reading, video games or walks on the beach as the sunsets.

The little ones will bathe and be put to bed first, thee older kids will fend for themselves. All lights for them will be at 10:00. At which time for the grown-ups to play catch up, get cozy, and share intimate moments with one another.

The time will pass quickly, as it always does and soon the sun will be coming up again. As the day before I will be up before anyone else to enjoy my “me time”.

Perhaps it will be summer break, some of the kids will sleep later, some off at camp, maybe we are on vacation in Europe, sightseeing and enjoying the slow paced life unknown to us in the U.S. Or perhaps all the kids will be off at school, my husbands and I empty nesters, getting ready to start a new adventure of our own.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunday Scribblings#223~Video Prompt

I had tears in my eyes by the end of this video because I really loved the song and it made me think of my daughter.

She is six years old and coming into her own so quickly. She is becoming the most amazing person. She is thoughtful and kind, always helping her friends, and wanting to help others. The other day without my even having to ask while we were at the post office she would run to open the door for elderly people she saw coming.

She is compassionate about the world she lives in. Ever since she learned about recycling and taking care of the earth, she has made a conscious effort to follow through on what she learned.

She is smart (I know all parents say this) but she picks up quick on her school assignments and seems to remember everything that she learns and goes out of her way to learn more about a subject.

She can be sneaky at times (in that innocent childlike way), taking things in her book bag to school or camp without asking me and then I find it when I clean her book bag out at night. She has always been amazingly creative, and from a very young age carried a notebook around with her to draw and write in it herself or to let her friends or others write and draw in it too. She loves to dance, act, dress up. Unlike her mom she is a real girly-girl.

My daughter is sensitive and caring, if someone else is sad she offers to give them a hug. If she is sad she wants a hug for herself. If she has done something wrong she is quick to apologize and say it in a way that you know she truly means it and rarely repeats the same mistake again.

I am so proud of who she is now and I am sure I will be proud of who she will become. I am constantly excited by the days events that occur with her. I am endlessly curious about how the middle school and teen-age years will be with her.

She is a real joy and has made motherhood and absolute blast and I love her with all my heart.

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