Monday, July 12, 2010

My Future ~ Pen On Fire Exercise

When I wake up in the morning, I will be sitting in on my deck, at my dream coastal home, overlooking the blue ocean waters and listening to the peaceful sounds of the waves crashing into each other.

Either sipping a cup of coffee or tea, I will watch runners; dogs and people exercise on the sandy beach, as the day breaks. With pad and pen in hand, this will be my “me time” and I will be jotting down my thoughts, feelings or whatever spontaneously moves me, with the knowledge that I will turn these words into stories later on in the days, months or years ahead.

As I hear the first sound of feet walking across the hardwood floors of the house, I will gladly head for the kitchen to make smoothies, green drinks, and fresh juices. Lunches will already be packed and in the fridge, all the book bags by the doors ready to be grab, as it becomes chaos trying to get everyone out the door. Kisses will be planted on noses, foreheads or my husband’s lips as everyone but me heads out of the house to tackle whatever lies ahead in the day.

I will devour the art’s and culture section of the newspaper, take a steaming hot shower, and make sure to use a fragrant body wash that’s smell will linger in the bathroom long into the day. Gladly will I spend the remainder of the morning and early afternoon, writing and revising in my studio, creating powerful art or sewing, until I hear the feet of young ones heading up the path, home from school at last.

I will spend time with the kids for an hour or two, exploring the beach, going on outings, collecting things or running errands; all the while laughing and having fun. As we arrive home and the evening is slowly coming to an end, they will do homework or help cook dinner. We will sit together as a family after their dad arrives and share the most important moments of our days.

Clean up will be quick and there will be time for TV, quiet reading, video games or walks on the beach as the sunsets.

The little ones will bathe and be put to bed first, thee older kids will fend for themselves. All lights for them will be at 10:00. At which time for the grown-ups to play catch up, get cozy, and share intimate moments with one another.

The time will pass quickly, as it always does and soon the sun will be coming up again. As the day before I will be up before anyone else to enjoy my “me time”.

Perhaps it will be summer break, some of the kids will sleep later, some off at camp, maybe we are on vacation in Europe, sightseeing and enjoying the slow paced life unknown to us in the U.S. Or perhaps all the kids will be off at school, my husbands and I empty nesters, getting ready to start a new adventure of our own.

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