Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Right Now~Writing Exercise From Book "The Lie That Tells The Truth"

Right now, at this very moment, I am sitting in my semi-messy office in front of my Mac writing. It feels pretty amazing. And whether my writing in the moment is good or bad, I am most happy that I am writing and committing myself to writing exercises. I am not only getting back into what I love but I am also re-sharpening my skills and learning to write again. Do need a refresher course in grammar and punctuation as well.

The air conditioning is running, the trash trucks are driving up and down the street, loading and unloading the cans from the mechanical arm on the back of the truck. A loud clunking sound emerges; every time they place the cans haphazardly back on the street in front of someone's house. Otherwise, there is a silence that seems peaceful and soothing. Behind me are bags of clothes and other items that need to be listed on eBay; some of the clothes are hanging from doorknobs, and doors ready to have their pictures taken. Three bookshelves overloaded with a eclectic collection of books read and books which need to be read line the wall to the left side and behind me.

There is a large light colored corkboard on the wall just to the right of me, which is my inspiration board. I just started it recently (within the last two months), so there are only a few things attached to it so far; such as Buddhist prayer flags, a cafe gratitude sticker, raw@theriver postcard, cut out quotes and a you are loved sticker which came from Cafe Gratitude when I ordered my nut mylk bags. My desk is a modern wall desk that I bought at Office Depot a long, long time ago. I am looking forward to getting my new one soon.

I am waiting for the phone guy to come fix the telephone line, which has not been working properly since we moved in this house over four years ago. My internet connection; the victim of up's and downs and random disconnects throughout the day for the last two years was becoming unbearably annoying when I was trying to get work done and had no internet access. Two new modems later and with endless calls, I was able to convince the phone company what my hunch was all along that the line had and issue. Finally, after doing further testing at a higher level, they gave in when they realized my line was not set properly for the capacity I am running. I guess working in the telecom industry for seven years taught me something after all.

Also, I am planning for the upcoming garage sale we will be having in the next few weeks. I cannot wait to unload all the "stuff" that has been laying around that I no longer use or want. I have been in an ongoing process of remodeling this house and getting the junk out will be on step further to completion. It will then allow for me to purchase and bring in the new things I want to decorate with. I want to mix things up. I will have mostly modern with a few antiques or vintage pieces. I love Scandinavian style and also this look from one of my favorite blogs Yvestown and these from a blog I recently discover called Rearranged Design appeal to me. The excitement of it all is hard to contain.

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