Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunday Scribblings#223~Video Prompt

I had tears in my eyes by the end of this video because I really loved the song and it made me think of my daughter.

She is six years old and coming into her own so quickly. She is becoming the most amazing person. She is thoughtful and kind, always helping her friends, and wanting to help others. The other day without my even having to ask while we were at the post office she would run to open the door for elderly people she saw coming.

She is compassionate about the world she lives in. Ever since she learned about recycling and taking care of the earth, she has made a conscious effort to follow through on what she learned.

She is smart (I know all parents say this) but she picks up quick on her school assignments and seems to remember everything that she learns and goes out of her way to learn more about a subject.

She can be sneaky at times (in that innocent childlike way), taking things in her book bag to school or camp without asking me and then I find it when I clean her book bag out at night. She has always been amazingly creative, and from a very young age carried a notebook around with her to draw and write in it herself or to let her friends or others write and draw in it too. She loves to dance, act, dress up. Unlike her mom she is a real girly-girl.

My daughter is sensitive and caring, if someone else is sad she offers to give them a hug. If she is sad she wants a hug for herself. If she has done something wrong she is quick to apologize and say it in a way that you know she truly means it and rarely repeats the same mistake again.

I am so proud of who she is now and I am sure I will be proud of who she will become. I am constantly excited by the days events that occur with her. I am endlessly curious about how the middle school and teen-age years will be with her.

She is a real joy and has made motherhood and absolute blast and I love her with all my heart.

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  1. Oh ! this made me think of my mom ... i so wish to be that little girl again in my mother's lap ! thanks :)

  2. what a beautiful tribute to such a special young girl! compassion and kindness like hers is rarer and rarer these days.. but I couldn't help feel, as I read this.. that the old adage is very true.. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.. I bet you have all those wonderful qualities too! children learn what they see! Great job mama! :))

  3. great tribute to a lovely child. You are both blessed. congrats

  4. Lovely post. I thought of my daughter and parenting too.

  5. A beautiful tribute. I went for my Mother but could just have easily opted for my two daughters.

  6. Hi Lisa...your daughter and mine would be great friends. They sound a lot alike; she sounds like a wonderful little person finding her way in this world, with her proud mama there to encourage her in all the right ways.

    - Dina

  7. your daughter sounds like a very special person, and not just because she is your daughter. its so sweet to read about how proud you are (and so you should be). I would be lucky to have such a daughter. thank you for sharing. x

  8. Your daughter is beautiful, and it it obvious why you are so proud. Daughter's are something special.