Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Scribblings~#224 Source

Lately, source for me has been that for "inspiration". Inspiration through books and blogs to help me develop my writing, creativity and artistic side.

I have found that when I am in a rut, books are one of my best sources for me to to find, create and implement these traits within myself.

My books of choice or (sources) that I am working with now are:

1. SARK's "The Bodacious Book of Succulence" and "Make Your Creative Dreams Real".

2. John Dufresne's "The Lie That Tells the Truth".

I use these books and the exercises in them to jump start my creativity again, to practice being in the artistic mode and to follow through with whatever it is I am creating. They help me to focus and stay motivated. They serve as a reminder as to why I like to be creative and artistic in the first place. They are freeing. They help motivate me and take away some of my fears.

But I also like to read an obscene amount of blogs, on almost a daily basis, to find inspiration or to see how others are inspired. The blogs I read most often are those of artists (photographers, interior designers, crafters, and illustrators ) writers, and sometimes indie musicians. I love to also get inspiration from blogs that have writing prompts or artistic prompts for the week. It gives me the opportunity to make myself accountable, for getting out of my comfort zone, getting over my fears and presenting myself to the world. Whether what I have done is good or bad, I am making an attempt, with the knowledge that I can only improve with practice.

What are some of the sources that you use when looking for inspiration?

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I'm glad you liked my poem.

    I've found, like you, that using writing prompts is a great way to get inspired -- I don't really view it as cheating, because I usually end up surprised about what I come up with! :)

    I also like to read a lot of poetry. A lot, a lot, a lot. And get outside! And listen to people's conversations. Yeah, that's about it.

  2. I hope you also blog onto our Sunday Scribblings hostess, Laini Taylor. She is a constant source of inspiration for me as a writer.

  3. I too find blogs an inspiration. Artistic friends, of which I have many help. Also time to reflect, hot bath in my very spiritual bathroom seems to always inspire me!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Peace Giggles

  4. reading blogs is fun and can be a source of inspiration. I find a long walk is a good source of personal inspiration. I always feel better about myself after a long walk. the day, the writing, life is always easier to contend when you feel good about yourself

  5. It is good to see what sources writers use to jump start their creativity. I don't tend to use others blogs but am constantly reinvigorated by great works of fiction, even to the extent of thinking (vainly) I would have taken a different path!

  6. For me it works a different way, mainly is games as I been playing a lot of games since very young :) and i got my ideas and inspiration from there :D, and also from people who wrote poetry, as i think it is great to learn from ppl sometimes =P

  7. Three Word Wednesday and Sunday Scribblings are good fun. I think there's a risk in letting the virtual world alone inspire us, rather than the real world of trees, air, buildings; and people and their problems and stories. I like the real-world most, as I look for inspiration.

  8. I find inspiration from blogs, but also when out driving. Often I will see a house or a person that makes me want to tell a story. I also go through old pictures, magazines, and newspapers. I really like it when an idea seems to just pop in my head out of nowhere. Enjoyable post.

  9. Thanks so much everyone for all your great comments on how you find inspiration!

  10. Hi Lisa - I read a lot of blogs too but also a ton of books and I walk every morning. A lot of my writing ideas come from a combination of prompts, my walking time, listening to music, or just riding in the car. I love to people watch too :)