Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Scribbling #239~Intense

Intense is trying to find balance. Balancing and juggling life and its daily doings can be a challenge. I am a single mom, who at the moment works a full time job and is trying to create a whole new life for myself and my child. I come home in the evening, spend quality time with and take care of the needs of my child (ie. homework, dinner, baths, play and bedtime rituals).

After my child is in bed then I try and carve out what I want my new niche, and career in life to be, by staying up and focusing on the goals I have set for myself and my time line, so that I can work from home full time, doing what I am passionate about. While having the freedom of time and to be able to set my own schedule and not be under someone thumb 24/7.

It is intense to try and recreate a new life from an old one. It is knowing what you want that new life to look like and not getting frustrated if there are set backs along the way. Understanding, taking advantage of and working around or incorporating the setbacks into the plan. Intensity is the feeling you get when things fall into place, one goal has been achieved, checked off the list and the next one is already in motion.

In all honesty, the intensity is what drive me. It helps me to strive harder for my dreams and that new life. It leads me to believe that the outcome of achieving what I want will be that much sweeter when success occurs.

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  1. Amen to all that my dear, that is what makes life worth living is living it intensely! Thanks for sharing this with us, it reminds us what we need to do!

  2. I love how you have turned intensity into a positive, driving force..I hope you achieve your goals..Jae

  3. Without a struggle there is no thrill in the victory! Kudos to you for trying to find the balance and for having the courage to make your dreams come true!

  4. nice take on this prompt..the struggle can be very intense..I wish yoy all the luck and courage in the world.

  5. We all need a little intensity! Keeps us on our toes!

  6. Good luck in all your endeavors! Let the intensity drive you far into success :)