Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Scribbling~#236 Essential

Essential for me at the moment is my health.

A little over a month ago I noticed I had blood in my urine. The condition which is called Hematuria. This was not the first time this had occurred. In fact, ten years to the date, I had, had a similar experience. But then the bleeding just stopped on its on and we never when further with a diagnosis.

This time around they were able to determine by Cystoscopy, that the blood is coming from my left kidney and in less than a week, I will actually have a procedure where they will take a camera up into my kidney to determine what the cause is and hopefully find a solution.

This procedure is essential. Not only for them to determine what is wrong and correct it. But also for me to regain my health. Oddly enough there was no pain initially. Now there is slight pain every so often, but not in a debilitating way. But when I try to maintain my super-mom routine, I notice that I do not feel as motivated and peppy as I should. Yes, I am learning through this sudden experience how essential it is to take care of me too.

I have to be honest and say that this experience is semi scary. The not knowing what it is. Or the thoughts of what it could be, terrify me. I am trying not to think the worst. I belong to a very motivational community called Crazy Sexy Life. It is actually a community that was started for women who have had cancer, but I think that it really has so much more to do with health, wellness, connection and taking care of oneself in the best possible why we can to stay healthy. Reading articles from the blog and other peoples experiences has been essential for me to already try and heal myself before a diagnoses has been made through mindset, diet and remembering to take care of me.


  1. Lisa, life is really quite a roller coaster ride and test results like yours really bring you face to face with worrying possibilities. For 12 years now my wife has been battling myeloma a cancer of the the bone marrow which has been a succession of treatments, remission stages, followed by a relapse, only to start new therapies over all this time. She is still fighting and so must you.

    I do hope that they find out what is causing your problem and get a treatment underway soon. Be positive, that is essential!

  2. Isn't it amazing how an online community--veritable strangers--can be so much help and comfort? I think of that every time someone criticizes social media like Facebook. For me, such commentary and the ability to make comments, to have my stuff commented on, etc. are essential to my day. I value knowing that people care, even if the status update seems trivial. I am not trivial!

  3. I hope you recover as soon as possible

  4. Oldegg: Thank you. I have tried to make myself not worry until I get a solid answer. You wife sounds like a great spirit and warrior.