Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Evaluation, Progress & Focus

"Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop." ~Usman B. Asif

So yesterday I talked about my reflections over the last months, weeks and days. Writing the post and re-reading what I wrote, was a real eye opener for me. Reflection has turned into evaluation and heading towards what my focus is and should be.

Sorting through my thoughts today, I actually began to make a list of "to do's." And it really was not as scary as I thought it potentially might be. Ok, granted due to procrastination, dishonesty with myself and pure fear, my list was longer than I had expected it to be. Only instead of being as daunting as I though it might be, it was actually a relief to see it written out on paper.

I packed up almost all of the library books I had out that are not related to what I need to concentrate on and am returning the make room for the books I need to read, to be read. I am beginning to clear the clutter from my workspace to make a fresh, inviting and positive environment to retreat to when it is time for me to work. I am also setting up the space with inspirational items, trinkets and other things that will keep me motivated and focused on the goal.

Next step, I need to tackle one item at a time on my list and go. Tonight, I am starting by posting this and using my techie skills to download much need (like yesterday) software onto my computer.

Part of me is thinking I should take baby steps, but the reality is I have wasted enough time, so I am diving in full force and creating results immediately.

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