Friday, May 27, 2011

Power Outage

We had a power outage last night. A very long one. The power went out around 6:30 p.m. (finally coming back on at 4:00 a.m.), just as, I was finishing cooking our dinner. Yes, we have an electric stove. No gas in our house. It actually was a nice change for us. The usual weeknight chaos of trying to prep for the next day came to a crashing halt and we were forced to connect as a family. We spent a lot of time playing UNO(a game my daughter and I love). We often spend quality time together on the weekends, but due to work and schedules, we never have the opportunity to just relax and enjoy ourselves like we did last night.

I also spent some much needed alone time creating my very first Mondo Beyondo list. A Mondo Beyondo list is of all the dreams that I have. They are dreams that may seem outrageous to others, unbelievable to yourself or perhaps even unattainable. The assignment for the Mondo Beyondo course was to write them down and then seal them up in an envelope. It will be a hoot in the future to see which of them come true.

This class is already changing me and we are beginning to get into the the lessons. I find that not only am I refocusing more on what I really want my life to look like, but am also gaining more confidence that it can be a reality. I feel alive, excited and look forward to the lessons that will hit my mailbox for me to complete. And I want to complete them, I find that I want to challenge myself. I think it is also spilling over into other areas of my life, because I feel more motivated to tackle home projects that, simply seemed dreadful for me. I have this feeling of recreation, not only for myself but for my surroundings. A new since of self expression, or perhaps rediscovering my old one. Either way it is long overdue.

This memorial weekend I will begin with our house painting project. I am in love with the whole Swedish design concept of white walls and colors accented in furniture and accessories. As, we move forward I will document here with pictures.

This is one goal of mine is to start to add more pictures to my posts.

Have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend for those of you in the U.S. and a great weekend to everyone else as well!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

#268 Sunday Scribblings~Better Late Than Never

My better late than never is following my dreams. I wrote about Mondo Beyondo, a course I am currently taking in the previous post.

Dreaming is not for the light-hearted. It takes work, it takes tenacity, it takes getting over your insecurities about you and diving head into really discovering what it is you are dreaming about and making it happen.

I am discovering that there is a definite intention, different from the one to make the dreams a reality, as compared to just living with the dream.
There is something inspiring about focusing on, creating and putting your dreams into action when you are bonding with others doing the same, or when there is potential accountability, not only to yourself but to others that want to share the experience with you.

As we start week one of our class discovering and writing our dream lists, I expect I will see many things creep onto the surface on paper, that will also be a "better late than never" moment.

So with open mind, I will challenge myself to take these moments and turn them into opportunities that will help make all my dreams come true. With a lot of hard work as well.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mondo Beyondo

"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable."
— Mary Oliver

Monday I started the Mondo Beyondo online course.
Can I just say, that I am over excited and really happy that I was finally able to get the courage up, to sign up for this class. I feel like a giddy child. I am an avid blog reader (especially crafty blogs). And thought I have never seen myself as an artist in the pen, paper, paint kinda sense, but I love to read artists blogs.

There is an amazing group of soulful women out there that create and who also have amazing blogs. Two of these amazing women are Jen and Andrea who run this online course, to help people discover there dreams and to find was to help them become a reality.

Though, at this point, I do not really know what to expect fully from the course, my mind, heart and soul are completely open to the endless possibilities of fun, discovery and whatever else may happen to trigger within my being. As I proceed to face my dreams, fears, and insecurities through my lessons, I hope that I will take away a new sense of self and put myself of the path to a new life. A life filled with joy, fun, no fear, and love for what I do everyday.

I want to wake up each morning knowing I am happy in my own skin, doing what I love instead of what everyone else thinks I should be doing or becoming.

I will update in this space things going on or lessons learned from Mondo Beyondo in this next five weeks.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mama's Feeling Fat Again

Seven months ago I was heading towards a divorce(which never came to fruition). I spent many months from the time the decision of divorce was spoken, up until the day it was suppose to happen, sometimes not eating due to stress or simply thinking forward to the future and what I wanted my "person" to look like.
I began a regimen of weight loss and wellness again. Not only because I wanted to feel good about myself, but also because it was something I had been doing hit and miss for awhile and decided that it was time to stick to it. Around the same time I had also started a new job. Needless to say, new stresses came into my life from that alone. Here we are now, seven months later and mama is feeling fat again. All the weight I had loss, is slowly creeping up on me.
How does it make me feel? I know from books I am reading right now, that I should "love myself just the was I am", but the truth is I do not feel so. As a women I think it is so shard to except yourself at "your current weight". For me, going to the store to shop and feel as if nothing fits is stressful and depressing. The aches and pains that have come with gaining weight as I have aged is also hard for me to deal with.
When I had lost the weight, I felt good. Which definitely created a more positive me. So, as I go into this Mother's Day weekend, I am making a pledge to myself to once again focus on sticking to eating right and conscious, except myself as I am, not be so harsh about my weight and work towards releasing it all again.