Sunday, May 22, 2011

#268 Sunday Scribblings~Better Late Than Never

My better late than never is following my dreams. I wrote about Mondo Beyondo, a course I am currently taking in the previous post.

Dreaming is not for the light-hearted. It takes work, it takes tenacity, it takes getting over your insecurities about you and diving head into really discovering what it is you are dreaming about and making it happen.

I am discovering that there is a definite intention, different from the one to make the dreams a reality, as compared to just living with the dream.
There is something inspiring about focusing on, creating and putting your dreams into action when you are bonding with others doing the same, or when there is potential accountability, not only to yourself but to others that want to share the experience with you.

As we start week one of our class discovering and writing our dream lists, I expect I will see many things creep onto the surface on paper, that will also be a "better late than never" moment.

So with open mind, I will challenge myself to take these moments and turn them into opportunities that will help make all my dreams come true. With a lot of hard work as well.

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  1. It takes courage to dream. When you have discovered the key your whole world is changed for ever. Good luck on your travels it is going to be exciting.

  2. You're absolutely correct. Dreaming is one thing, putting that dream into intention is quite another. That's where the work is and also the fear! Can we do it? Can we not? There's only one way to find out n it all begins with intention. What a wonderful journey you're on....all the best!

  3. I know what my dream is. It's a very small dream at the moment but, the insecurity is great and I've stalled myself for a year. Yes, it's hard work. I see myself in every single word here. And yes, getting started on this small dream is definitely Better Late Than Never.

  4. Dreams are the greatest things..we need little ones every day..Jae

  5. embrace those dreams and tap in to the powerful essence of your imagination!

    Westlander Poetry

  6. wise nice words..!!

  7. Good for you for starting - now,not later!

    -Other Mary

  8. Check out our short story slam today,

    We love creativity, your input is valued.

    Happy Friday!
    Hope to see you in!