Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Scribblings ~ #365 Wake Up

Wake Up

 Sometimes, I just want to shout at you

 "Wake Up"

 or to be honest in a more direct

 and not so nice way...

 "Wake the Fuck Up.

 The imaginary world you live in,

 is crumbling fast around you

 and you are not remotely aware.

 As you yourself have said;

 you wake up each day trying your best to move on,

 to find a new way to relate to people,

to life and the world.

 But you still follow the same patterns, make the same mistakes,

speak the same excuses, and blame every one else,

when things don't go exactly the way you think they are suppose to.

 So, I say it once again, nicely,

"Wake Up".

Before you find yourself completely alone in life and the world,

with no chance of recovering,

being loved, or ever truly loving again.

 ~Lisa @2013


  1. Sometimes one has to be direct...liked the tone of this poem..

    in my naked glory, I forget myself

  2. Gautami,

    Thanks so much for the compliment!