Friday, May 16, 2014

Welcome Back..."Get Unstuck"

So it's been almost an entire year since I have posted anything on my blog. Dunno, honestly...why I am so darn lazy to post. Well, it's also because I am not so sure what to write about. Is it fear? Perhaps? This is suppose to be an online journal. Journal to me means deep and open thoughts. At least that is what my written one has been for me in all of my years. So I guess I freeze when it comes to writing online and being open to the world with my innermost thoughts.

But despite, tonight, I had the urge to create, to write. Ebb and flow. I am stuck! It's not the first time. It's just another time. But this time. I am ready to get unstuck. The other day I Googled unstuck and came across this:

Les Brown's "Getting Unstuck". What a great motivational speaker and what a great video to watch when you feel stuck. To be honest, I know I have been stuck for a while. Did I truly admit it? Not really. I have had so many dreams and desires for my life that I have not pursued. I assume it has been more out of fear. But, I have finally come to the realization as I approach 45, that it is now or never. As Les says " I refuse to live an unlived life."
I have started to really focus on me and what is really important for my future. I am in the process of getting "unstuck" and truly following my dreams. I am getting over my fear of expression in blogging and plan to write my journey down. All I know at the moment is that I need to go forward and live my life the way that suits me and no one else.

Would love you to join me on my journey!