Sunday, June 22, 2014

Flywheel Class

It has been ages since I have done a spinning class. Or what a spinning class used to represent. Tonight I spent 45 minutes of my life in my personal heaven. Flywheel is the "new spinning class" craze. It is a small stadium seating spin class, with lots of awesome music and super "sculpted" instructors.

Granted, I was really nervous about taking a spin class after not having done so in eons. I really worried about if I would be able to keep up and survive without puking or passing out.  If anyone has a clue about spinning, they know how intense and challenging it can be. Sure instructors are quick to tell the newbies, that you can go your own pace, but once the music starts and the vibe in the room starts to permeate, it's on! No one can stop you from challenging yourself and in a sneaky kind of way they want you to challenge yourself against others. Flywheel makes that even easier because they have a competition board. They post the stats as class is in session to motivate you to beat others. Is it a good idea? Well, that is debatable to say the least, but the fact is even if you choose not to participate by having your name on the "Torq Board", you still strive to see if you can match up or at least surpass the score that is closest to yours.

In the end, I had a super amazing workout, and was surprised by my overall achievement. Especially for a "newbie". They track all your stats and email them to you. They also have a Flywheel app that you can use to track stats or book a class. One must reserve a slot in the class. It was mind boggling at first how quick classes fill up or that some even have a waitlist.

Ok, after taking the class, I get it it now, you have to schedule your time around getting your "Flywheel" on.

I had an amazing experience, and I am sadly to say addicted enough, that I am booking a class for this upcoming Saturday (7:30 a.m). Though it is a little on the pricey side. If in the future I can look as hot as I did in my 20's, it will be worth every penny!

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