Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Goodbye Summer, Back to Reality!

Well, the summer went by fast and I can't believe that school has started. It seem just like yesterday I was putting my daughter on the bus for sleep away camp.

My daughter started 5th grade yesterday, the last year of elementary school! A part of me is super happy, but at the same time, my little girl is growing up fast!

So now, with the summer finished,  it is time for me to find a moment or two to focus on myself again. In the last month, I have made it a mission to finally get in the best shape ever, so I joined Cross Fit North Atlanta. Last Monday I went there to try a trial class. It was super fun, definitely challenging and a very new way of exercising, but I loved it. I can see it becoming "my thing". Today, second day later, I am so sore I can barely move. So, Monday next week will be my first full week of Cross Fit. I am going to show up and get moving at 6:00 a.m. Monday morning! That is my concentration for myself in the exercise department.

There are many other things I am working on as well. It is my goal to be working form home by the time my daughter is ready to start school again in the fall of 2015. I have spent and am getting ready to really go full force into making this dream a true reality. I have wasted to much time and let fear and doubt dictate for too long. I am not different than anyone else in the world who is making a full-time income working from home. So, why not me too. I have decided to concentrate truly on my passions, one major talent I believe I have, (of which I will not divulge too much information about now), but that I can combine with other passions I am working on, that can help propel and help me be successful in accomplishing my goals. I will be out and about scouring for items to sell, creating newsletter, opening new shops, and building a portfolio of real estate properties.

I intend to also get back into reading hardcore for the rest of the year, not only as pleasure, but also as a means of learning and growing. There will also be lots of dabbling in my number one passion...writing. Not sure why, I always veer away from it and do not stay as consistent as I should with my writing, but none the less, I need to take charge and make changes in that realm of my life. Honestly, sometimes, I feel as if I have wasted a lot of time and talent in that arena of my life for years. Question to self: Is the time you have spent hating what you do (work) worth, the blank pages you have not filled?
Answer to self: Hell no!

I think as always, it is a matter of reflection and then doing. I need to carve out the time to pursue these things, no matter what life throws at me. Life can get in the way, but it seems to me that, that becomes an excuse for fear to stop someone form moving forward.

So, look for me to be in this space for a while, as I navigate and try to form a different life for myself. A true life. One full of where and what I want to be. Dictated only by me and not someone else.

Sadly, the summer is almost truly behind us, But, that does not mean we can't live everyday with the freedom that summer seems to bring vs. the rest of the seasons.